#909 $650 Indoor Growing Kit from Urban Gardens

# 909 Online Item

CAD $650.00 Retail Value
CAD $100.00 Opening Bid
CAD $5.00 Min. Bid Increment


Start your seedlings early next spring or grow indoors all winter long. This indoor grow kit from Urban Gardens includes:

1- 28" x 28" x 63" grow tent
1 - White Wing Compact Light
1 - 4" exhaust fan w. duct
1 - 4" carbon filter
1 - Deep water culture bubble bucket kit
1 - General Home Growing series starter kit

Additional Information

All Children's Trust Fund winning bids can be paid for by cheque or credit card at our studios at 3770 Kempt Road, Suite 200, Halifax or use your credit card by phone at 902-453-4004. Items can be picked up at the radio station or sent by mail to the winning bidder.

Children's Trust Fund

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