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Aromatherapy Basket

(3) sets of herbal pillows 6 “ x 6”

Three different herbs in each set: Lavender to create Calm; Rose Scented Geranium to Soothe and Mountain Mint to energize

Fragrances may be enhanced for their therapeutic effects by warming in microwave for 30 seconds.

Herb pillows can be inserted into pillowcases or tucked into a pocket

All herbs were grown by a Master Gardener in personal garden

Ingredients: herbs, chia seeds and rice

Woven wood basket 10” x 9” (natural color)

Linen towel of pale green, bright pink edging and cream background to images of various herbs

Enhanced with a wax dipped Pink Rose

Additional Information

Arrangements will be made for pickup in the Winchester area. Any postage will be paid by the bidder.

Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardener Association

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