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SF Brothers Artisan's Auction

In honor of the day Special Forces was founded, June 19,1952, we bring to you the Special Forces Brothers Artisan's Auction.  Each item listed here, was specially crafted by one of the SF Brothers. They have donated their time and skill to raise money for the Green Beret Foundation.

The United States Army Special Forces, also known as Green Berets are our nation's moste elite military unit.  They operate in small 12-man teams in corners of the world that are hidden to most Americans, patrolling back alleys, mountain passes, and remote trails.  But unlike other elite units, the Green Beret mission goes far beyond kicking in doors.  They work to lift up communites through education, economic development, and greater security.  They train not just for battle, but aso to understand the cultural and political forces at play that lead to unstable societies. They master languages and observe communites firsthand to identify holistic solutions to entrenched challenges. Green Berets work to end oppression around the world-on the ground in the countries where it happens - so that every global citizen can enjoy greater liberty and security.  In doing so, Green Berets help prevent conflict from coming to the United States.  Green Berets always look to understand what's next and build a positive outcome; the Green Beret Foundation serves as their best advocate to accomplish the mission ahead.

The mission of the Green Beret Foundation is to answer the call of the Green Berets and their families so that they can suceed in their next mission.  Join us and the SF Brothers to accomplish this mission and bid on one of these beautiful handmade pieces today!  If you would like to just donate, please click on the donate button.  Thank you for your kind generosity, and please be sure to visit us online at

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