Earth Day Eco Fest 2020 Online Auction

A Charity Auction Event

A VCS Fundraising Event

Welcome Friends & Family of Ventura Charter School of Arts & Global Education!

Due to the current statewide lockdown, our largest annual fundraiser - Ventura Earth Day EcoFest - needed to be canceled.  Due to the pandemic, VCS is now facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cuts from its operational budget next year so fundraising is more important than ever.

We had been looking forward to a beautiful day celebrating Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary with our community.  We had already secured many incredible sponsors and exhibitors eager to join us and had already logged countless parent volunteer hours to create a successful event. 

Making the decision to cancel was not made lightly, but we know it was the right thing to do.  That being said, in the hopes of raising some money for our school and to show our appreciation to the generous donors, we are excited to announce that our popular online auction will be taking place with all of the donated items included.

Running for two weeks - kicking off on Saturday, May 23rd, through to Sunday, June 7th at 4pm - we know that you will be ready to bid when you see all of the fantastic auction items received.

Please take a moment to browse through all of the auction items and bid on your favorites.  You will receive an automated notification when you are outbid on your selected item.  Have fun - and thank you in advance for all of your generous support!  Items won can be picked up or delivered locally.

Profits from the auction are used to fund our school’s music program, educational field trips, elective classes for the middle school students, the school play, classroom supplies, and many other programs not funded by the State of California. 

Pause for thought 

The first Earth Day was held 50 years ago as a national environmental teach-in event.  It was a huge success and brought to light many serious environmental injustices throughout the United States and it became a direct catalyst for the creation of the EPA, the Clean Water Act, and the Clean Air Act, among other important environmental measures.  Over the years, Earth Day has grown to have international significance and continues to be a force in creating environmental justice for our world’s community. 

As we navigate through our current world catastrophe, leaving all of us close but not able to physically connect, it seems a good time to reflect.  

How can we make a difference as individuals and as a community? 
Just by choosing to stay home, we have already worked to keep our neighbors safe.  

What if we all decided to stop buying one-use plastic water bottles? 
Think of the incredible impact small changes in our habits could have, if all of us could pledge to make them!  

What if we replaced the lost funds from Earth Day through this online auction?

We can! Let’s do this together. Tell your friends! 


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