SOS Auction - Save our Southern Resident orcas

Every dollar raised will be matched 100%, up to $10,000

The Southern Resident orcas are in trouble, with only 74 family members left and no surviving offspring since 2015. They are essentially starving to death, with toxic and noise pollution also contributing to their rapid decline.

We are fighting hard to prevent their extinction, but need you to help us. 

Your bid in the SOS Auction, our #GivingTuesday campaign for 2018, will raise funds for our work to save these whales, whose population was decimated by heartbreaking live captures in the 60s and 70s and who now struggle to survive in an ocean changed by human use.

You don't have to bid on an item - make a donation through through our auction site. 

EVERY DOLLAR WILL BE MATCHED 100% (up to $10,000) by one of our amazing, long-time supporters, Ryan D. 

These funds are vital to our work, as we continue our ecosystem approach to their recovery by:

  • Strengthening our partnership with the Orca Salmon Alliance (which we helped create!) to increase Chinook salmon abundance
  • Providing expert input on proposed regulations to improve protective measures for orcas and salmon
  • Working with partners to support data collection that helps guide management decisions
  • Increasing our outreach and education programs, encouraging more people to take a stand to protect Southern Residents, Chinook salmon, and their respective homes

Don't let these whales go extinct.

Bid today. Bid Often.

Check back frequently as new items will be added weekly. The SOS Auction closes at 5:00pm PMT/8:00pm EST the Friday after #GivingTuesday, November 30th.

Have questions? Please contact us!

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Thank you for your support!