UCP Huntsville's Summer Do-Over Online Auction

benefitting United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville & Tennessee Valley

We think you could agree with us that we all need a "take 2" for most of what we experienced in 2020. Slow to no business, cancelled events, new challenges for providing and receiving services and a sometime inability to do so much as leave our homes made for an incomplete "fun in the sun" summer we all deserve. This is why UCP Huntsville has decided to host the "Summer Do-Over Online Auction!" We want to see our friends, families and neighbors get back out in the world (while still being safe, of course) and try the new restaurant they've been curious about, start a new hobby, get back into their exercise routine, experience places they've never been... you get the idea!

All funds raised go to support UCP Huntsville as we continue our mission to support children with disabilities and their families; helping those children to walk, talk, eat, dress, play and learn alongside their typically developing peers.

Have questions? Please contact us!

United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville & Tennessee Valley

Thank you for your support!

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