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Native American Education is one of the worst systems in all of U.S. These Native American students preform two to three grade levels below their white peers in basic topics such as reading and mathematics. Additionally, they are more than 237 percent more likely to dropout of school and 207 percent more likely to be expelled than white students. Out of every 100 Native American kindergartners, only seven will earn a bachelor’s degree, compared to 37 out of every 100 white kindergartner. These statistics only represent a snapshot of the current obstacles that Native Americans in our society face today. One of the many contributing factors to this achievement gap is that most Native Americans are not even prepared to learn as they walk into doors of their schools due to poor economic conditions, low income homes, lack of adequate health care, lack of family support, and more.

However, we can help these Native American students by teaching them important life skills that will allow them to succeed at school and in society. The Boys & Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Colorado, provides the children of the Tribe with a safe and nurturing environment that guides each young person on their path to developing good character, a respect of culture, diversity, academic excellence, and development of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Instead of just going home after school, students can continue their education by going to The Boys & Girls Club where caring mentors and their peers provide a safe environment where they can learn skills that will support them throughout their entire life, increase high school graduation rates, and inspire them to attend college.

We are fortunate to be 8th grade students at McAuliffe International School which is filled with great teachers and programs that provide us with the basis for graduating high school and attending college. We want to help Native American students that do not have these opportunities and face many challenges outside of school by raising funds that support programs at The Boys & Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. For your bid on an package, you can help change the life of a Native American. The more you bid, the more you will help our cause. Additionally, bidding more will increase your chance of getting that package at a great price!

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