An Auction for the Association to Benefit Children

YCG Fine Art is excited to announce that we will be auctioning off Unfinished Now #14 by Morgan Everhart. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Association to Benefit Children, here in NYC:

“Since its founding in 1986, ABC has served children struggling with the complex and compounded issues of poverty, hunger, emotional, and physical abuse, lack of educational support, and homelessness, and who have disabilities and developmental delays. In keeping with the ever-changing complications of poverty, the organization custom-tailors our programs to meet the unique needs of each child, adapting early and staying ahead of challenges as they arise.”

ABC has quickly responded to the COVID-19 crisis by providing meals, mental health treatment and preventive services to families in need and who are especially affected by school closings. The organization also provides emergency childcare service for first responders.


Morgan and I hope that you can join us in supporting this worthwhile cause.

Thank you so much and be well,

Yassana Croizat-Glazer

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Association to Benefit Children

Thank you for your support!

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