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Click on the link below to see a 6-minute video by Jake Boritt about the Land Conservancy.

Tales of Preservation from The Land Conservancy of Adams County

Welcome to our 24th annual Art Auction. Over our first 23 years, we have raised more than $300,000 which has been used to protect nearly 12,000 acres of open space in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Click on the link above to get an idea of what some of the landowners think who have preserved their land.

Last year, safety concerns led us to our first-ever online auction, and we were delighted with the results. We have those same concerns again and hope that this year's auction is even better! We encourage everyone who lives nearby to visit our "Auction Show," which is hanging at the Adams County Arts Council from April 2-21. Viewing hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday. Art always looks better in person. If you are bidding from afar (and we were impressed with the number of out-of-town bidders last year), your purchases will be packaged and shipped by Goin' Postal, a local company.

While this county has a rich agricultural heritage, it's even better known as the site of the Battle of Gettysburg. The Gettysurg National Military Park has done a great job of protecting the battlefield, and we have also been active in obtaining conservation easements to protect farmlands and viewsheds adjacent to the Park yet outside its boundaries.

Preserved Lands Near Gettysburg

Additionally, we have worked closely with the American Battlefield Trust in holding lands they have purchased until their ownership can be transferred to the National Park Service.

To see a map of all protected lands in Adams County, click the link below:

Protected Lands of Adams County

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Land Conservancy of Adams County

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