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Supporting the care of injured and orphaned wild animals in Alberta.

MRWC is a wildlife hospital and education centre. We provide care for injured, orphaned, and compromised wildlife with the aim of returning them to appropriate wild habitats.

We conduct research in fostering wild orphans to wild families and share our findings both locally and internationally.

We support the public in wildlife conflict issues, teaching strategies to live in harmony. We encourage a replacement of frustration and hatred with understanding and tolerance.

Interns are hosted throughout the summer months giving opportunity for people from around the world to learn and connect with Alberta's wildlife.

Our education programs exist formally in classrooms and to community groups, seniors' homes, summer camps, and libraries. Teaching also happens through public events and displays, through handouts and brochures, digitally on our website, through social media, in our bi-weekly bulletins, and over the phone.

Our goal, through all our programs, is to connect people with nature and instil a sense of respect and appreciation.

Learn more at www.mrwc.ca.

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Medicine River Wildlife Centre

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