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Rooting Compassionate Communities

Thank you so much for supporting Pangea’s 2022 Gala! Pangea World Theater strives to build a just world by creating multi-disciplinary theater that embodies decolonizing practices of solidarity, sustainability and equity. At Pangea, we know that as roots grow deeper, they grow more interconnected. Through this root system — of artists, thinkers, healers, neighbors and friends — we sustain and nurture each other, year after year. That is why this year as we celebrate our Annual Gala, we want to honor the years of practice seeding, tending, and Rooting a Compassionate Community. 

Please join us during our online campaign, culminating in the online event on June 16 highlighting Pangea’s work in the last two years and looking towards the horizon. On June 17 we will hold an in-person Gala with performances, food, and a joyful community celebration, register here to join us.  

We are thrilled to share with you the amazing items we have in our silent auction this year. You will find pieces created by phenomenal artists on staff at Pangea along with incredible artists we have been honored to work side by side with over the years, as well as donations from local businesses who make our community a better place. This auction represents the powerful work being done by and for our community. As you browse please take time and read the bios and inspirational testimonies from artists who have found a home at Pangea World Theater. 

Bid today for a chance to take home a fantastic item and support our incredible community! Bidding ends on June 17th @ 8:30 PM CT



Lake Street & 27th Avenue 3009 27th Ave S
Minneapolis, , 55406

6/17/2022 6:30 PM

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