The 2nd Annual BIP Virtual Auction

Supporting Honey Bee Health, Research, & Outreach

Welcome and Thank You for Joining Us!

Bee Informed Partnership is honored to be a part of the community of beekeepers, scientists, and enthusiasts that we have the privilege to serve. We are once again humbled by the community response to supporting our fundraising event for it's second consecutive year and are excited to share a collection of amazing contributions from members of the beekeeping community and beyond!


Without them, this would just be a blank page...

Please take a moment to look through our more than 70 items listed, that have been generously donated to support BIP. Be sure to take a look at the "Additional Information" section on your items as well to learn more about the donor, items, and shipping information (most items include free shipping, provided by the donor). Thank you so much for visiting our auction site and showing your support! We hope you find a special treasure and enjoy some friendly and competitive bidding to support a great cause!

For those who are unfamiliar with BIP, to learn more about our work to improve honey bee health, please visit Bee Informed Partnership.

To get started, click the green View Items button to enjoy browsing categories of items and start bidding!



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Bee Informed Partnership

Thank you for your support!

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