ActivateUTS Clubs Fundraiser x Street Side Medics

Hosted by The Big Lift, The UN Society and Students for Humanity

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A collaboration between three societies from the University of Technology Sydney: The Big Lift, The UN Society and Students for Humanity, brings you a charity book auction to raise funds for Street Side Medics (SSM).
SSM is a not-for-profit organisation that runs a volunteer GP mobile medical centre to provide medical services free of charge for those experiencing homelessness in Sydney.
The mobile clinic travels around Sydney to offer services ranging from check ups to pathology tests, scans and administration of prescription medication. Each shift includes at least 1 GP, a medical support officer and volunteers including allied health professionals. With doctors and volunteers, SSM attempts to address both medical and social needs.
These services are offered free of charge regardless of circumstances. However, as a not-for-profit organisation community funding is required so that SSM may continue to effectively provide services to those who need it most.
We're hoping the items that have been generously donated to us interest you to donate to our cause. All funds raised go towards Street Side Medics!
Many of these book bundles contain signed book donations from renowned authors and social justice advocates including:
  • Senator Mehreen Faruqi
  • Bri Lee
  • Amani Haydar
  • Charlotte Wood
  • Lynette Noni
  • Betty O'Neill 

We're also running more events to raise funds, so if you would like to participate please check out our Facebook page!

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ActivateUTS Clubs Fundraiser x SSM

Thank you for your support!