The Resilience Hub Solstice Party Silent Auction

All Proceeds to Support the 2016 Permablitz Season!

Help us expand our Permablitz work in support of our neigbhors who rent rather than own their homes! Let's leverage our skills and experience together to really push the boundaries of who can grow some of their own food in the Greater Portland Maine area.  This will be a big season as we also try to emphasize the "neighbor-to-neighbor" aspect of our Permablitz work.

Permablitzes are massive, one-day work parties that bring together volunteers and team leaders to implement several phases of a permaculture design.  Typically we convene between 30 and 50 people on a Permablitz day to transform a space using lawn eradication, garden building, rainwater collection systems, food forest plantings, chicken coop building and more.  2016 will be our fourth full season of Permablitzing in the Greater Portland area.  

Our local Permablitz Network is coordinated by The Resilience Hub.  

The Resilience Hub is a collaborative non-profit organization based in Portland Maine. Our mission is to build resilience at the personal, household and community levels while creating thriving examples of abundance based on ecological wisdom. We do this by offering a range of events, education and training as well as resilience-building services and projects. We operate at local, statewide and regional scales. Our work touches on all the realms traditionally encompassed by Permaculture (land use, energy, water, buildings, etc.) but with special focus on food and creating new economic models.

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