Loving Arms Mission Auction 2014

We help you help children in need

Welcome Friends! The LAM auction is a wonderful win-win event. Many bidders will leave with the double pleasure of having obtained a great gift at a very reasonable price and of having supported the Loving Arms Mission. All the items up for auction are donated by individuals, groups and corporations.

As one of the founders of Loving Arms Mission and as the father of the first children's home in Nepal, I offer my deepest thanks to all of these generous donors. I also thank all of the organizers spending their time and energy to support an important cause. We hope everyone has as much fun as was had last year. It was a great success and we hope it will be this year as well.

I only wish I had a podium, a gavel and the ability to speak 180 words a minute. Let the bidding begin!

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Loving Arms Mission

Thank you for your support!

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