Abundant Silence - Festival for Creative Pianists

Supporting the Work of Living Composers & Helping Students Develop Creativity through Music

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This online auction is in support of our unique student program, the Festival for Creative Pianists! Our 2019 festival is taking place in Denver, CO from June 5-8. 

This festival is the only competition of its kind in the world, encompassing classical, jazz and other musical idioms in a constructive educational setting. Students compete for standard baroque through contemporary repertory prizes, and/or for novel prizes that promote neglected but important abilities and repertory - e.g., improvisations (any style), original concerto cadenzas & classical embellishing (skills demonstrated by nearly all great composers yet seldom seen today), versatility (needed to thrive in today's competitive market), lyricism (usually overshadowed by "loud and fast" playing), original compositions (too few venues exist for young serious composers), works by female composers (underrepresented elsewhere), tasteful arrangements & transcriptions (often disallowed in other venues), etc.

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Abundant Silence - Festival for Creative Pianists

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