#20211 Late nineteenth-century wooden writing slope with mother-of-pearl detail. English.

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For the writer and historian. This may not be Jane Austen’s writing slope, but if you squint it’s really pretty close.

Trimmed with inlay and mother of pearl, the box opens to reveal an 8 x 14 sloped, burgundy leather, writing surface. Inside is a crystal ink bottle, pen holder (with secret cavity below), and another well for stamps or nibs. Both sides of the slope open to reveal extra storage for billet-doux underneath.

Indeed, someone long ago must have hidden something so important that it demanded a forcing of the lock when the key was lost. A few scratches mark the top of the box, which proudly shows signs of age (see photos). If only this object could talk! On the underside, the box is protected by green baize (the type that Mrs. Norris “spunges” in Mansfield Park).

Imagine the elegant letters you can write from this slope while travelling. You can also use it from the comforts of home when following the best light around the house or when a desk is not available. This deserves a prominent place in your study.

Donated by Sandra Clark.

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