Diabolical Plots and Longlist Anthology Bundle

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Diabolical Plots


Something now, something later, something digital, something paper; this bundle gets you a little bit of everything.

One pre-order of a hard copy of the upcoming Longlist Anthology.
One pre-order for an ebook copy of the upcoming Longlist Anthology.
One ebook copy of Diabolical Plots year 4.

Long List Anthology Volume 4

Every year the Hugo Award administrators release a longer list of stories that received the most nominations by the fans who vote for the Hugo Awards. The purpose of the Long List Anthology is to get more of the works loved by Hugo Award voters to readers in one convenient package. This is the fourth annual volume of the anthology. There are some familiar author names in the book, as well as some authors who are new to the series.

Diabolical Plots: Year Four

This anthology collects all 25 original stories from the fourth year of Diabolical Plots, an online magazine of science fiction and fantasy. Manuals for memory tourism, a secret order of monks that tries to use a scriptural technicality to put off the end of the world indefinitely, a friendly nonbinary tank at a science fiction convention, a questionable academic paper published at a university of magic, living fossils awakened when the coal formed of them burns. The stories vary from humorous to tragic to thoughtful, from contemporary authors both new and established.

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