#5 Fly Fishing Plate "The Guide" Art Print complete with two Bob Jacklin tied flies.

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Carl Johnson


For your consideration is a classic fly plate that depicts a larger than legend Fly Fishing Guide and personality Bob Jacklin.

This art print is from a Japanese calendar and shows Bob Jacklin guiding little boy. The original artwork was created by Mr. Kazutaka, a well known Japanese artist. Mr. Valentine Atkinson photographed the original art to create this print.

Bob has chosen this print to illustrate the important role a good fishing guide plays as instructor, confidant and companion, while assisting others in catching game fish.

The flies in the showcase are Bob's own patterns. Each fly here was tied in 1998 by Bob Jacklin for this presentation.

A Signed note from Bob Jacklin 6/28/08 accompanies this plate.

This would make a fine addition to your collection, office, fly fishing cave etc. It would also make a great gift!

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