#4 Signed copy of “Fly Fishing Expert Advice from a Woman’s Perspective” by Joan Wulff.

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Joan Wulff's flyfishing book is the perfect addition any fly fishers library. All the basics are here: casting, wading, flyrod selection and line differences, In addition there are additional topics ranging from understanding insects to both fresh and salt water. the book contains a wealth of information for those just starting out in the sport of fly fishing to those much more experienced angers.

About the Author:

Joan Salvato Wulff, also known as the "First Lady of Fly Fishing", is widely regarded as the architect of modern-day fly-casting mechanics and is revered within the sport for her pioneering and many accomplishments. Since learning to cast as a schoolgirl in 1937, she has left a legacy for new generations of fly anglers and taught countless people the art of fly-casting through the school she founded and books she has written. Her demystification of the fly cast, numerous career accolades, and many contributions to the sport have earned her induction into the International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame (2007) and American Casting Association Hall of Fame.

She has garnered 20 awards, including the Lapis Lazuli and Lifetime Achievement Awards from the International Federation of Fly Fishers. She was a National Casting Champion from 1943–1960. In distance casting against an all-male competition, she made a record cast of 161 feet.

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