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Linda Harris


Showing off for us in this pretty pastel work is a little cat who has become adept at catching the feather toy. Show Off measures15x18” framed and is looking to be adopted!

Linda has always been fascinated by animals and started drawing animals in kindergarten. As she matured, she discovered pastels with their high colors and the speed with which a project could be completed. The last 30 years she has worked at a veterinary clinic where she has learned the importance of placing the “light” in the eyes of the animal. Many of the clinics clients have commissioned Linda to create a portrait of their pet. In the last few years she has begun painting landscapes and is now putting her animals into the landscapes
"In the 25 years that I have been painting I have taught myself how to best recreate the beauty of God’s world. As a member of several art guilds in the Denver metro area, I have been exposed to the ideas and techniques of many artists. I continue to challenge myself and work toward improvement".

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