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Cheryl St. John


"First Light" is a beautiful impressionistic interpretation of the rock formations in Zion National Park, Utah. This collector's piece measures 9x12" in a beautiful delicate wood frame.

Cheryl is an artist that paints primarily in the plein-air tradition. She is a fourth generation Colorado native with a great appreciation of nature, the environment and the preservation of both. Cheryl was introduced at an early age to the beauty of the Colorado mountains and developed her own love for the landscape that influences her work today.

Cheryl paints mainly with oils but loves to work with watercolor as well. Each medium has its own characteristics which when using clean vivid colors and as few brush strokes as possible makes for a loose impressionistic finished work of art. She states, “Keeping the painting fresh and not over-worked is part of the fun and challenge of a good artist. I want the viewer to be able to feel what I felt when painting the piece…Feel the warm sun, or the cool breeze, or whatever else is going on nearby, and therefore capture the essence of the scene for themselves.”

Cheryl’s paintings have been presented in prestigious national shows such as The American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, Gilcrease Museum, Customs House Museum, Windows to the Devine and the Governor’s Invitational, to name a few. She studied fine art and design at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and at the Colorado Art Institute.

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