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A Closer Look ft. Artists For Soup

Author: BiddingOwl
Artists for Soup

Artists For Soup is a unique non-profit organization that showcases a beautiful cause. To provide for its mission, this organization utilizes education, hands-on enrichment, art, culture, and importantly fundraising. With the help of Auction Management Software, not only are their goals within their organization attainable, but it also simplifies the process. Artists for Soup has used BiddingOwl to expand its reach beyond its community to an international audience. In doing so, it has made hosting an Online Auction, and therefore fundraising, a complement to their efforts.


“Artists for Soup is a nonprofit organization registered in the U.S.  We use agroecology and art to work with women in Nicaragua as they lead their communities in improving food security, nutrition, and care for the earth.”


Artists for Soup has successfully “funded hundreds of agroecology workshops led by Nicaraguan professionals” since 2016. Fundraising for these workshops has allowed this dynamic organization “to share tools, irrigation supplies, fencing, and seed for cultivating bio-intensive food gardens and increasing family access to biodiverse foods.” These workshops have emphasized education and opportunity and paved the way for collaboration with community members to expand into their own endeavors – whether it be efficient equipment or other projects. Ultimately, this hands-on “community-led” approach has given the Nicaraguan people the tools they need to thrive.


“Building programs that lead to sustainable food supplies and economies allows people to stay in home regions rather than migrate to survive.”


To connect the important work of bio-cultural food security and diversity as well as education and community, Artists for Soup incorporates art into their mission. By supporting local artists, artists, and artisans worldwide, volunteers, and community members, this organization truly highlights the beautiful nature of cultivating sustainable solutions and representation in various mediums.

“We approach every new project as if it were an open canvas that benefits from joining the frameworks of traditional wisdom and the strong lines of new ideas and science.”


With every fundraising year, and every project, the focus on collaboration and community grows. With being mindful of budgetary restrictions, Artists For Soup success is impacted by the volunteers and families who pass on the knowledge and skills they have learned through workshops and other opportunities provided by this non-profit organization to others. Some project examples are: “egg-laying hen operations, nutrition producing tree orchards, rural home bakeries, fuel-efficient stove projects, solar food processing operations, commercial organic compost making, beekeeping, and seed-saving” By focusing on a small scale, “ecologically-minded” projects, Artists for Soup can thrive and continually evolve.

To help further their success, Artists for Soup has chosen to utilize an online presence through BiddingOwl – an Auction Management Software company. In doing so, BiddingOwl has provided Artists for Soup an opportunity to expand its fundraising reach and build connections on an international scale. Hosting their auction through BiddingOwl will allow them to promote their mission and utilize art to fundraise for their cause.


Artists for Soup originally heard about BiddingOwl as a recommendation from another organization that works in the United States with Latino Populations in this country and Latin America. Their utilization of an auction management software program was an important tool in ‘mobilizing support’ for the organization’s programs.


By using these tools and system features of an online auction platform, Artist For Soup intends to raise funds efficiently and affordably. Hosting an online auction through BiddingOwl will give Artists for Soup the ability to span their reach – and, therefore, expand their profits to help support their goals.  Profits will go toward “purchasing supplies or running workshops for programs that build food security or animate community environmental and art work in the regions where we work.”


Thinking of using BiddingOwl for your auction management needs? Read what Artists For Soup has to say about their experience:


”…I appreciate the clear and prompt assistance that Bidding Owl provides through correspondence with a real person and the fact that Bidding Owl is affordable for an organization with a very tight budget.”


Please feel free to visit to see what their Auction Management Software can provide for you and your organization and to support and learn more about the multitude of organizations, such as Artists For Soup, and how they each strive to support their community.


Special thanks to Artists For Soup for information regarding their wonderful organization and commenting on their experience using for their auction needs!