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A Closer Look ft. The Barnabas Center

Author: BiddingOwl

For non-profit organizations such as The Barnabas Center of Nassau County, FL, fundraising for a cause is vital to provide for their community continually.

With the help of Auction Management Software, not only are their goals attainable, but it also makes the process less daunting. The Barnabas Center has used its online auction platform through BiddingOwl to expand its reach beyond the typical and find a solution to manage its auction in an easy, sustainable way. Doing so has made hosting an Online Auction a smoother process.

"The Barnabas Center's mission is to provide help and hope to individuals and families in need throughout Nassau County to improve their stability, health, and well-being."

The Barnabas Center has existed for 35 years and has provided its community with "multi-service charitable health and human service" (s) within Nassau County, FL. This agency focuses on critical issues in the area, such as "affordable healthcare, hunger, food insecurity, and homeless prevention" – making sure to do so with affordability and quality in mind. The work is extremely important as it affects more than 19,000 people annually. This organization can be described as encouraging, collaborative, empowering, consistent, and diverse.

This community has rallied with local artisans and volunteers to combat hunger and crisis in their county – one of the many services this organization is passionate about. More specifically, one of The Barnabas Center's annual events, Empty Bowls, has been a unique way to raise awareness for these concerns. For their agency to successfully do so, they have utilized an online presence through BiddingOwl – an Auction Management Software company.

BiddingOwl has allowed The Barnabas Center to host an online auction through their personalized auction site. They have specifically used their Online Auction Management Software to optimize funding for their cause and promote the vital work The Barnabas Center is dedicated to providing.

"Our vision is that every individual has an opportunity to lead a healthy and productive life, thereby strengthening our entire community."

The Barnabas Center is hosting its 9th annual Empty Bowls event this year. Details of this unique event are as follows:

" A simple meal of soup, bread, and dessert will be served. In addition, each guest will receive a beautiful hand-painted bowl to take home. Potters and volunteers throughout the area have painted ceramic bowls to give to each attendee as a reminder of the many bowls we still need to fill with food to nourish our neighbors who struggle with hunger."

Their first auction was a complete success after having to host it online due to in-person constraints unexpectedly. Using BiddingOwl's online auction management software made the transition and experience a compliment to such an outstanding event. Year to year, using their personalized auction site, The Barnabas Center has returned to raise money for their community.

The Barnabas Center has found that working with BiddingOwl to fundraise has been a wonderful solution for their needs. After searching through other auction companies, they found BiddingOwl to be the best fit. BiddingOwl has given them the tools they need to host a successful auction. Not only has it been easy for them to manage, but the auction management company has offered their services reasonably.

"BiddingOwl has been a great partner in our efforts. It is easy to manage, but if we have issues, a quick email or phone call is all it takes to resolve them."

Not only has the ease and functionality been especially noted by The Barnabas Center, but other key features of BiddingOwl have also greatly influenced its success. The functionality of their auction management software has provided ease of access post-auction for data regarding their fundraising efforts. These tools allow organizations to have a complete, encompassing look at just how successful their auction was – whether it be an online auction, a silent auction, or even a live auction.

Other key features include the ability for The Barnabas Center marketing to be front and center in their personalized auction site and the capability to display and honor their generous sponsors. These features allow the hard work and spotlight to be directed upon this organization and its outreach within the community they serve.

"BiddingOwl seems to be the platform of choice for charitable organizations."

Thinking of using BiddingOwl for your auction management needs? Read what The Barnabas Center has to say about their experience:

"Do not hesitate to use the program for your events! The system is everything they promise! And the support is excellent... Involve the community and experts to help you with the content. For example, we work with a local photographer and volunteers to create the content for the auction…."


Please feel free to visit to see what their Auction Management Software can provide for you and your organization and to support and learn more about the multitude of organizations, such as The Barnabas Center, and how they each strive to support their community. More information regarding The Barnabas Center Empty Bowls auction is provided below:

"Beginning October 1st, you can shop ONLINE for locally handcrafted gifts that support a good cause and bring extra joy to both the giver and recipient. Artisan bowls can be found on, featuring many spectacular hand-painted bowls by Nassau County artists and residents who donated their time and talent. Local pickup only."

Special thanks to The Barnabas Center for information regarding their wonderful organization and for commenting on their experience using for their auction needs!