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A Closer Look ft. The Next Swell

Author: BiddingOwl

The Next Swell is a unique non-profit organization that educates and spreads awareness on marine science and conservation and provides resources and opportunities for future generations of marine conservationists and scientists. One of the ways The Next Swell does so is by utilizing online auction management software to raise funds for their cause. With the help of their wonderful volunteers and funding efforts, The Next Swell works diligently to provide financial scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students whose focus of study includes or is associated with marine science.


“The Next Swell ( is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization formed for the purpose of cultivating future generations of marine conservationists and scientists.” 


The Next Swell was formed in October 2020 due to the pandemic – providing a passionate avenue to support students who may not have been able to financially support themselves due to the cost of higher education and the impact of the pandemic. Online Auction Management Software has helped The Next Swell fundraise efficiently to provide financial opportunities for students to prosper regardless of financial or social barriers. Using an online auction platform has even helped this organization reach beyond its local realm, resulting in camaraderie, success, and growth nationwide. 


Consisting of numerous scientists, educators, enthusiasts, community members, and volunteers, The Next Swell has evolved to be a compassionate source for not only scholarships but a beacon representing the importance of education and community awareness for marine conservation during a time when our oceans are facing innumerable threats. Now is a critical time to provide resources – whether it be education or funding – to combat the issues that impact the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems.


“The Next Swell can only award marine science scholarships due to the overwhelming generosity of our donors and fundraising participants.”


Providing these opportunities and more has been a successful result of hard work and dedication to their cause. With every passing year, the number of scholarships has grown, providing students with the ability to financially support their journey toward their future as conservationists, scientists, and educated stewards of our world. For The Next Swell to do so successfully, they have utilized – an Auction Management Software company.


BiddingOwl is providing the platform for The Next Swell to host its own online auction. After first experiencing BiddingOwl through a friend’s non-profit organization and their event, The Next Swell decided to give the auction management software company a try. Now, they are looking forward to using the Online Auction Management Software a second time to raise funds to provide marine science scholarships. The ability to do so has been key to successfully accomplishing their goals.


“…The oceans are in peril, and we need future generations to have the resources and opportunities necessary to enhance current and future marine conservation efforts.”


Having the ability to maximize their fundraising efforts by using BiddingOwl has been incredibly important. The Next Swell is a volunteer-based organization - every participant contributes to the event's success. Utilizing an online auction, The Next Swell can extend its reach and “feature a wide range of items from sporting events, marine-focused adventures, vacations, clothing and accessories, autographed memorabilia, and beyond.” 


The Next Swell’s upcoming auction is set to start this December 2022. BiddingOwl has been a great tool in preparing for their event. They especially appreciate the user-friendliness and staff responsiveness. They note the site being straightforward and easy to use for anyone who may or may not have a technical background. Also, having “friendly and helpful” responses from staff for any questions or concerns has provided the organization with a positive and wonderful experience. Consequently…


“…These two features complement one another to make BiddingOwl a great tool for non-profit organizations.”


Thinking of using BiddingOwl for your auction management needs? Read what The Next Swell has to say about their experience: 


“Take advantage of the incredibly helpful and responsive staff! It has made using BiddingOwl a wonderful experience!”


Please feel free to visit to see what their Auction Management Software can provide for you and your organization and to support and learn more about the multitude of organizations, such as The Next Swell, and how they each strive to support their community.

Special thanks to The Next Swell for information regarding their fantastic organization and the important work they are doing for the future of our oceans and for commenting on their experience using for their auction needs!