Auction Procurement FAQs

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question you can't find an answer for here, please feel free to contact us

What do you mean by "No Risk" Auction Items?
Because you don't purchase your items until after your event (and only if you sell them), these items are considered No Risk. The only thing that we ask is that you use our text and image exactly as provided.

We tell you what the cost of our items are before your event, you control the minimum price you will accept as a bid for each item. If bidding reaches the desired level, go ahead and sell the item. After your event is complete, call us and give us your order.

Are these trips easy to book?
Yes, all the travel vendors we work with provide very reasonable classes of service and limited blackout dates (if any). All blackout dates are clearly stated in the text of the item. Many of our vendors provide certificates that provide up to last room availability. We only work with the best travel vendors so that your experience is extraordinary.

When the winning bidders receive their winner's packet, all certificates are contained along with simple easy to use instructions along with tips and a phone number to call if you have any questions.

Do you offer travel booking services?
Yes. All experiences purchased after May 18, 2011 include a complimentary booking fee. If your experience was purchased prior to May 18, 2011 we can book your experience for you for a fee of $150.

For how much should we sell the packages?
While most packages sell for 30-50% above your cost we recommend that you not sell your items for anything less than a 20% margin. But remember, start your bidding well below that amount so that you can build bidding momentum and most importantly competition among bidders. Once those bidders imagine themselves lying on the beach with an umbrella drink, it becomes difficult to stop bidding and makes it easier to great bids for your item(s).

How long will it take to receive the travel package upon ordering?
Because these are no risk packages, we don't order the certificates until you do. Once we receive your order, your certificates are ordered immediately. We send out your package within 30 days of your order and upon successful payment for the package; although most of the time packages go out well before the 30 day mark.

What should we give our winning bidders at the event?
We recommend making copies of the text of the item you are using. Along with that text provide them a letter that tells them they will be receiving their certificates in about 30 days and provide them your phone number so they can call you if they have any questions.

Do you have images for the auction items?
Yes, we have an image for each auction item on our website that accompanies the text for each item.

For how many people are these packages?
The majority of these packages are for two people but we do have some packages for 4, 6 or 10 people. We even have larger villas and homes that accommodate more than that. In all cases, the text states the quantities of all pieces of the package.

May I suggest trips you don't have?
Absolutely! We will do our best to accommodate your request as we are always looking to improve our selection of items.

For how long are these certificates valid?
Most certificates are valid for one year. Many of them are valid for up to 15 months. In all cases, we state in the text how long the certificates are valid for.

Can I sell more than one of these packages in my auction?
Absolutely! We have multiple quantities of nearly every package we offer. If you have two or three bidders out bidding each other, once you see one of the bidders jump out, stop the bidding and sell it to both of them. You will have two happy bidders and twice the amount of money raised.

Can my winning bidder change details of his/her package after the event?
Absolutely, our full-time concierge team can help your winning bidder with most requests. Our team can help to upgrade air, add additional nights, upgrade rooms or add additional flights. You name it and we will make every effort to make it happen.

Some of your packages are international. How do I know when a visa or other documents are required?
We recommend using the following website:

How do you determine your suggested retail values on the No Risk Items?
Because of the constantly fluctuating prices of travel, we have found the most consistent way to value our items is to use tariff rates for airfare, rack rates for hotel rooms, brochure rates for cruises. Other components are valued individually and the total value is calculated. If any component of an item is not readily accessible or available to the public the package is valued as priceless.