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6 Top Nonprofit Consulting Firms

Author: Adie M.
Nonprofit consulting firm

Managing a successful nonprofit organization requires you to hold a lot of different elements together at once. You may have multiple campaigns going simultaneously from marketing to fundraising and awareness campaigns. Your management team needs to juggle different business elements and operations. And, you have to deal with various actors like board members, donors, and volunteers.

Working with a nonprofit consulting firm can help you manage your entire business effectively. Consultants can offer you solutions to organizational challenges and give you additional support to ease the load.

In this article, we’ll explain what nonprofit consulting firms are and how you can utilize them for your nonprofit. If you’re sold on working with a firm, we also have a list of the six best options in the business.

What Is A Nonprofit Consulting Firm?

A nonprofit consulting firm is an external organization you can collaborate with to enhance your NPO’s operations. 

Consultants work as a supplement to your available resources and team, expanding the capabilities of your company. Their aim is to aid your nonprofit in tackling challenges and obstacles, streamlining operations, and more.

Why Hire A Nonprofit Consulting Firm?

Depending on your business needs, you can hire a consulting agency to help with the following:

  • Prospect research
  • Executive searches
  • Board and leadership development
  • Strategic planning
  • Tech suite development
  • IT management
  • Donor relations and management
  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Campaign control
  • Staff and HR management
  • Grant application and processing
  • Fundraising control
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Resource allocation

These are some of the areas you can hire a nonprofit consulting company for. They can provide much-needed support and help you reach your nonprofit goals with ease. Having a firm’s support in aspects that challenge you will allow you to better focus your time and staff resources on your cause.

6 Best Nonprofit Consulting Firms To Consider

We’ve selected the six nonprofit consulting as the top options to consider for your NPO:

1. Averill Fundraising Solutions

Good nonprofit leadership and management are key to navigating all the moving pieces in NPO. Averill Fundraising Solutions specializes in leadership consulting and fund management campaigns. They can step in to assist you in training your leadership and filling important executive positions.

This firm also has over 75 years of tremendous experience in campaign and fund management. They have clients across the nonprofit industry with a background in capital campaign planning and evaluation, campaign direction, fund and resource allocation, etc. 

If you’re looking for a partner in project and overall business management, this is a trusted choice that’s tried and tested.

2. Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Aly Sterling Philanthropy has a similar model as Averill Fundraising. They aid nonprofits with executive searches, fundraising and campaign management, leadership training, crisis response, and board governance. Strategy and custom planning are the major strengths of this option. 

Collaborating with them can enable you to transform your business operations from the top down. You can work with them to create sustainable, long-term strategies that prepare you for crises and challenges.

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3. Getting Attention

As their name implies, this nonprofit consulting firm is a great option for attracting attention to your nonprofit. Getting Attention helps charity organizations access and manage Google’s Ad Grant. This grant program gives nonprofits $10,000 in monthly funds for Google search advertising. Google Ads are an exceptional marketing tool that can grow your reach and help you spotlight your cause.

The challenge comes in managing the grant program and funds. It can be an overwhelming process that includes setting up the program, overseeing it, and more. Google also has several regulations that organizations must comply with via the program. 

Getting Attention supports you in this management process from the application step and in optimizing your ads, keyword use, and more for maximum benefits.

4. Bristol Strategy Group

Bristol Strategy Group is another comprehensive nonprofit consulting agency. They have services for several aspects including business strategy, income growth, donor relations, fundraising, and marketing. The group conducts assessments of the client NPO and creates plans that prevent revenue losses. The aim is to build a strong nonprofit that knows how to generate and retain funds.

Consider this firm if you’re struggling to manage your money and don’t see where your income ends up.

5. Brian Lacy & Associates

Giving and fundraising are integral to all nonprofits’ annual plans. Managing them effectively impacts your organization’s revenue and ability to drive their cause. 

Brian Lacy and Associates provides services to help streamline and effectively oversee your annual giving campaign. They analyze your existing plans and work from there, developing a custom strategy that betters donor management, data control, and auditing processes.

Although this giving is their primary focus, they also help define marketing, donor lead, communications, and other strategies. They offer well-rounded nonprofit consulting that can improve almost all areas of your operations.

6. DNL OmniMedia

If you’re looking for assistance with your marketing and website development and management, DNL OmniMedia is the firm for you. This consulting option helps you optimize your organization’s digital strategy across mobile and web platforms. They offer you a tailored experience, creating digital marketing plans that align with your nonprofit goals and mission. 

DNL OmniMedia has extensive network partners in the tech industry that they can bring in to provide these digital upgrades. These partners include Drupal, Blackbaud, WordPress, Salesforce, Salsa, and Luminate. Use these relationships to enhance or build your website, manage donors, control digital communications, and improve marketing methods.

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A nonprofit consulting firm can be an important collaborator to your NPO. They become a partner to your company, aiding you in running your organization efficiently. 

When thinking about working with a consulting firm, it is important to go in with your goals in hand. 

What do you want to achieve? What areas do you need help with?

These goals will form the foundation of your relationship and ensure the agency knows where to begin in helping. It will also help you select the best agency for your needs as each firm specializes in different nonprofit management elements. 

Try one of the solutions above to ease the pressure on your team and improve your NPO operations.