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Fundraising can be overwhelming. We gathered tips and tricks to help you raise the most for your causes. Read our thoughts on best practices.

Fundraising Gala

What Is A Fundraising Gala? (Plus Tips For Hosting One)

When it comes to raising money for charity, fundraising galas are a classic that will never go out of fashion. They form the basic income toolkit for all nonprofits and can be extremely profitable, among other benefits they can offer your organization. All you need to understand is how to throw a good party for a cause.

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corporate sponsorship

Simple Guide To Corporate Sponsorships For Nonprofit Organizations

Corporate sponsorship collaborations have become a popular and effective way for nonprofit organizations to fund...

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PayPal for nonprofits

Complete Guide To PayPal For Nonprofits

Searching for a dedicated payment platform to help you manage your charity organization’s incoming donations and other...

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National nonprofit day

Meaningful Ways To Celebrate National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what charity organizations do for their causes. For...

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Year end giving

A Nonprofit’s Guide To Year-End Giving

As the year draws to a close, nonprofit organizations around the world gear up for their year-end giving campaigns....

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Nonprofit Grant Proposal

How To Write A Nonprofit Grant Proposal

The grant system is an intrinsic part of the nonprofit industry. Corporations, governments, and other institutions...

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Nonprofit Websites

5 Best Nonprofit Websites To Inspire You

Your website is a home for your cause. A communal place where people can gain awareness and learn about your ...

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nonprofit budget template

Putting Together A Nonprofit Budget Template

A big part of running a nonprofit is managing the money. Donations, sponsorships, team payments, daily expenditures…...

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Sources of funding for nonprofits

What Are The Different Sources Of Funding For Nonprofits?

When it comes to different sources of funding for nonprofits, it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll break down some of...

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how to write a nonprofit mission statement

How To Write A Mission Statement For A Nonprofit

When running a nonprofit, there are so many things you have to get right that it can be overwhelming. But a key...

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Nonprofit awareness campaign

Nonprofit Awareness Campaigns: A Simple Guide

Awareness campaigns are an intrinsic part of running an effective nonprofit organization. Whether for a specific...

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Types of Nonprofits

29 Different Types Of Nonprofits

When one thinks of the term ‘business’, the first thought is to align it with profit. We often see businesses as...

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