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Fundraising can be overwhelming. We gathered tips and tricks to help you raise the most for your causes. Read our thoughts on best practices.

wine pull fundraiser

What Is A Wine Pull & How Can It Boost Your Fundraiser?

Looking for out-of-the-box, creative ways to raise funds for your non-profit? Stuck on how to bring a unique twist to your next fundraising gala? A wine pull may be just the thing you need! It can be a smart way to increase your donations and funds raised without doing anything too taxing or pricey. 

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silent auction success

12 Best Silent Auction Items That Will Be A Hit

When it comes to putting together a silent auction, you want to be sure that you include both exciting items and...

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Raffle stand

9 Amazing Raffle Basket Ideas People Will LOVE

Raffles are a popular fundraising tool for non-profits, charities, and other donation-dependent organizations. But the...

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What Auction Items To Avoid For Your Next Event

Auctions can be a great way to fundraise for your non-profit. People come together to support a charity, and end up...

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Top 5 Auction Items That Sell Well & Help Raise More Money

If you’re running a non-profit and are looking for a way to raise funds, an auction is a great way to do this - and can...

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13 Unique Fundraiser Baskets: Ideas To Make Your Event Stand Out

Hosting a fundraiser and really making your bidding items stand out is no easy feat. Sure, there are tried and tested...

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7 Fun Auction Themes For A Buzzworthy Event

If you’re looking to create some buzz and hype for your next auction, look no further. One of the best ways to...

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