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Fundraising can be overwhelming. We gathered tips and tricks to help you raise the most for your causes. Read our thoughts on best practices.

charity marketing

Guide To Charity Marketing (Plus Tips)

Even the charity and non-profit industries need money to achieve their goals. No matter how noble your cause is, you will not be able to achieve it if you can't sell potential donors on your vision. This is where good charity marketing comes in. It helps you access a wider audience and encourages people to help you help society. 

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A Closer Look ft. The Barnabas Center

For non-profit organizations such as The Barnabas Center of Nassau County, FL, fundraising for a cause is vital to...

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6 Best Fundraiser Marketing Tips And Strategies

Looking for fundraiser marketing tips and strategies to ensure the success of your next fundraising event? Well, look...

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How to write a good fundraising letter

How To Write A Good Fundraising Letter (+ Example)

Do you know the most common mistake  nonprofit organizations and charities make when writing a fundraising letter? They...

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7 Helpful Fundraising Sales Tips And Tactics

As a nonprofit organization, you rely on fundraising to fulfill your mission. But how can you fundraise to ensure you...

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7 Effective Online Fundraising Tips To Boost Your Success

As the world becomes more and more digital, nonprofit organizations are taking advantage of this shift with online...

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What Is A Typical Nonprofit Organizational Structure?

The structure of a nonprofit organization depends on factors like where it was incorporated and what the nonprofit is...

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NGO vs Nonprofit

NGO vs Nonprofit Organization - The Differences Explained

We've all used, or at least heard of, the terms nongovernmental organization (NGO) and nonprofit organization (NPO)....

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Talk about sponsporships

Nonprofit's Guide To Event Sponsorship

Events can be time-consuming and stressful to plan, but successful fundraising events can be game-changers for ...

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Volunteers needed sign

How To Put Together A Great Volunteer Team

Volunteerism is about more than just offering time and effort without reward. It is an expression of people’s need to...

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Nonprofit website design

6 Nonprofit Website Design Tips To Make Your Website Stand Out

If you thought nonprofit website design is the same as any website design, you’d be wrong. To get users interested in...

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Why Is Prospect Management Important For Your NPOs Success?

Prospects (prospective donors) are the lifeblood of any nonprofit. Without them, there is no steady stream of financial...

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