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Fundraising can be overwhelming. We gathered tips and tricks to help you raise the most for your causes. Read our thoughts on best practices.

donation message ideas

Donation Message Ideas (How To Ask For Donations)

Fundraising plays a vital role in getting the funding needed to support a worthy cause, get an innovative project idea off the ground, and make an impact in an area where help is needed.

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Nonprofit working on media

How To Get Media Coverage For Your Fundraising Event

For nonprofit organizations, media coverage is essential for growth, donations, and investments. But getting started on...

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LinkedIn for Nonprofits

LinkedIn For Nonprofits: Why Should You Use LinkedIn?

Today, nonprofits and social media go hand-in-hand. Social media platforms help nonprofits share their message and gain...

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Nonprofit marketing plan

Guide To Putting Together A Nonprofit Marketing Plan

The success of most things in life comes down to planning. The world of charity marketing is no exception. 

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Getting donations

Easy Guide On How To Get Donations For Your NPO

If you're in the world of Non-Profit, there is no way you can escape fundraising. Luckily, there are so many businesses...

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how to get sponsors for an event

How To Get Sponsors For A Fundraising Event: Step-By-Step Guide

So you've planned the perfect fundraising event. Now it's time to find the sponsors. While this can be daunting, it is...

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Artists for Soup

A Closer Look ft. Artists For Soup

Artists For Soup is a unique non-profit organization that showcases a beautiful cause. To provide for its...

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donor outreach

How To Build An Effective Donor Outreach Strategy

As a nonprofit, donors are the backbone of your organization. So, it's important to attract new donors and work to...

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donor retention

Donor Retention: Everything You Need To Know To Keep Donors

As a nonprofit, you are dependent on external donors to provide you with funds and donations that will help you and...

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Crypto philanthropy

What's The Deal With Crypto Philanthropy (How It Affects Your NPO)

Many non-profit organizations have yet to pursue crypto philanthropy because cryptocurrency donation is still a...

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A Closer Look ft. The Next Swell

The Next Swell is a unique non-profit organization that educates and spreads awareness on marine science and...

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6 Fundraising Mistakes To Avoid

Improving your fundraiser doesn’t have to involve adding something new or changing something fundamental. In most...

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