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Fundraising can be overwhelming. We gathered tips and tricks to help you raise the most for your causes. Read our thoughts on best practices.

Nonprofit Grant Proposal

How To Write A Nonprofit Grant Proposal

The grant system is an intrinsic part of the nonprofit industry. Corporations, governments, and other institutions often make capital and other grant resources available to support particular causes and issues. Nonprofit grant proposals are a means for NPOs to gain access to and make an argument for these funds. With this money, they can expand their impact and programming and...

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silent auction success

12 Best Silent Auction Items That Will Be A Hit

When it comes to putting together a silent auction, you want to be sure that you include both exciting items and...

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Nonprofit advertising

Guide To Nonprofit Advertising: What You Need To Know

Nonprofit management relies immensely on getting supporters for your cause. You have to pay your staff, run awareness...

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Nonprofit Websites

5 Best Nonprofit Websites To Inspire You

Your website is a home for your cause. A communal place where people can gain awareness and learn about your ...

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nonprofit budget template

Putting Together A Nonprofit Budget Template

A big part of running a nonprofit is managing the money. Donations, sponsorships, team payments, daily expenditures…...

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Sources of funding for nonprofits

What Are The Different Sources Of Funding For Nonprofits?

When it comes to different sources of funding for nonprofits, it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll break down some of...

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Charity fundraiser ideas

8 Best Charity Fundraiser Ideas

Hosting good fundraising events is a key part of running a charity. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to raise...

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how to write a nonprofit mission statement

How To Write A Mission Statement For A Nonprofit

When running a nonprofit, there are so many things you have to get right that it can be overwhelming. But a key...

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Girl enjoying food at a fundraiser

7 Different Types Of Fundraisers

There are many fundraising types that nonprofits and charities can choose from. It doesn't have to be the same old...

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Planning a fundraiser

8 Top Tips For Planning A Fundraiser

Organizing a fundraiser can be a difficult task… But it certainly doesn’t have to be. With excellent management and...

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Nonprofit awareness campaign

Nonprofit Awareness Campaigns: A Simple Guide

Awareness campaigns are an intrinsic part of running an effective nonprofit organization. Whether for a specific...

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Pre-bidding in an auction

What Is Pre-Bidding? (Benefits & How To Use It)

Are you organizing an auction and just aren’t sure if you should include pre-bidding? We think pre-bidding is a ...

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