Promotional Ideas for Arts and Culture Auctions

Ten Best Promotional Ideas for Arts and Culture Organization

As a non-profit organization rooted in Arts and Culture, raising money through online charity auctions is a really good idea. With the right tools and ideas, you are able to attract attention from a wide range of donors. It is essential to plan ahead to make your non-profit online charity auction a success. Here are some of the best promotional ideas for use by arts and culture organizations.


Flyers can be used to publicize an upcoming auction event months, weeks or days before the charity auction begins. Create eye-catching flyers that can be distributed at other local events or in local businesses. You may want to consider using flyers as inserts in newspapers, magazines and grocery store checkout counters.

Press Release

Promote your upcoming non-profit fundraising charity auction event through a public press release. Newspapers welcome prewritten and ready-to-print articles; consider providing a photo to include as well. Your non-profit will benefit from reaching a wide audience in the local community of your charity. Make sure to distribute the press release to all media outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations.

Auction Kiosks at Events

Whenever your organization holds an event, you may want to consider an informational kiosk or information desk to promote the upcoming non-profit fundraising charity auction. Kiosks may also be set up in schools, theaters, galleries, museums or exhibit halls. It's a good idea for your committee to take advantage of every opportunity to speak to others within the community encouraging word-of-mouth communication.

Pick a few volunteers and set up a desk at these events. They will serve to answer questions about the upcoming online non-profit fundraising charity auction. It is important that you supply volunteers with relevant information about the auction. It is beneficial to encourage visitors to register for the upcoming event or to even donate money or items for the auction. Make sure to collect names with email addresses to keep supporters informed of your non-profit event.

Public Broadcasting

Media channels such as radio and television can reach a large number of people due to its high level of efficiency. The law obliges media, especially television and radio, to allocate some airtime for non-profit causes. Provide local radio and television stations with your event information; request that it be included in the stations Public Service Announcement (PSA) format.

Advertising Inside Movie Theaters

Custom advertising before the actual movie has proven to be an efficient method of advertising resulting in the high outcome because theaters provide a captive audience. Talk to local movie theater management with your information and invite them to be a sponsor of the non-profit fundraising charity auction.

Buzz your Auction

Encourage volunteers to spread the word about your non-profit fundraising charity auction. Positive news about the auction creates a buzz in your community and will ultimately result in a successful outcome.

Promotional Cards and Costume Advertising

Choose a number of events that attract crowds and organize human advertisement using costumes and promotional cards. If your charity has a theme or has a specific mascot it would be very memorable to have volunteers in costumes accordingly. For example, if the charity is to help animals, have helpers dress as those animals; or should the charity be benefitting a local theater group production, have the cast provide informational cards while in theatrical costuming. Meeting and greeting people while dressed in costume is one example of popularizing the non-profit auction.

Annual Communications

Make appeals to people about your auction during annual meetings. Ensure that you include your online non-profit fundraising charity auction information in any upcoming communications whether it is email, social media outlets or regular mail.

Promotional Exchange on Organizational Websites

Whenever you host an online non-profit fundraising charity auction, post the information on your website or social media website. Make sure you provide visitors with links to share the information or to opt-in for email updates.


Partner with people in the arts and craft community. Enlist their help in creating captivating, attention-grabbing posters to post around town. Make sure you include information on the posters that will provide visitors with links to share the information or to opt-in for email updates.