Promotional Ideas for Health Care Organizations

10 Ideas for Charity Auction
Promotion for Health Care Organizations

Online non-profit charity auctions are a welcome alternative for Health Care Organizations.Here are some promotional ideas to raise awareness:

1. Through Word of Mouth

Start informing the members of your community to increase awareness. Ensure that you educate them on all the details of the promotion and encourage them to spread the word to their friends and family. Staff members, board members, volunteers and donors can spread the word on donations, referrals and bidding.

2. Promotional Trinkets

Your organization may plan and order promotional trinkets that may carry taglines or URLs that give information on the charity auction. Fortune cookies, candy, magnets, band-aids, pens and pencils can make a good starting point to introduce community members to the online charity auction.

3. Cross-Promote on Your Website

Post the details about the auction online throughot your website or on community forums. Send email blasts to your followers and connect with them via facebook, twitter and other social media sites.

4. Promotional Banners

Get a media designer to make an attractive banner with information on the dates, name and information resources such as a URL on the auction. These banners can be placed on entrances and exits of your organizational buildings, parking areas and any other places with high visibility.

5. Print Staff Buttons and Hats

Supply the health organization's staff members with pin buttons, t-shirts, or hats. This is great advertising since most employees interact with the public on a constant basis.

6. Use informational kiosks

Are there any health-related events that your organization can use to promote the charity auction for health-related causes? Take some volunteers and ask them to sit at the informational kiosks or desks you set up at these events. They will help in promoting the auction by answering questions and creating awareness. Encourage people to sign up for the event.

7. Print Catalogs for Distribution

Make use of your waiting bay or lobby to promote the online charity auction as well. Print catalogs that will include information about the upcoming auction event such as the start and close dates, URL and the contact information.

8. Use Business Cards

Consider updating your appointment cards with information regarding the event. In addition, staff could inform patients during appointment reminder phone calls.

9. Customize e-Communication Mediums

Most organizations use electronic mass communication methods to reach their staff and clients. You can customize the sign in and sign out signatures of emails and outbound voice messages to include important information about the charity auction.

10. Post on Health Related Forums

Community bulletin boards make a good place to post information about your nonprofit auction. Post important information about the auction, including the auction URL, start and end dates. isis the leader in online non-profit charity auction sites. We can help you with promotional strategies by printing high quality graphics for t-shirts, business cards, catalogs, hats and buttons and almost any pintables you may need to promote your charity auctions. Contact us today via email