Recommended Items for K-12 Fundraising

The Most Sought After
And Top k-12 Charity Auction Items

Through extensive research,, the number one online bidding site has finally released some of the most sought and top K-12 Charity Auction items. By designing your functions with some of these items, you will be on your path to success. Biddingowl, the number one non-profit bidding site has the following recommendations for you:

School Principle/PE Coach/ Assistant Secretary or Chef Assistant for a Half a Day

Among the top charity auction 'item' you could have for the k-12 fundraising is to let a student to be the principal, PE coach, assistant secretary or chef of the school for a half a day. You could even afterwards let that student to have breakfast or lunch with these people. Students are going to learn more about each of the above person's roles. It will also be truly thrilling, and a memorable experience the student will never forget.

Parking Space Reservation for a Whole Year

This top item for non-profit auction will be ideal where parking spaces are limited. Your family will not have to struggle to get a parking space, especially during your morning drop-offs and evening pick-ups. As a winning bidder of this charity auction item, you will be entitled prime spot for parking for your family. Biddingowl, the best website for online bidding has tried and confirmed that this item will be supported by parents and students.

Night Out With a Teacher

Organizing a night out for a student with his or her favorite teacher is another best charity auction item to go for. It will give the student a chance to interact with the teacher outside the classroom. A night out could be a movie, pizza, mini golf together and other similar events.

Treat in the School Cafeteria or Delivered by Your Favorite Teacher

You could also organize a 'Cafeteria carte blanche' where the highest bidder will get a single 'carte blanche' lunch in the school cafeteria. The student will be entitled with any of the menus available free of charge. Furthermore, another related top non-profit auction item could be lunch being delivered by a favorite teacher for a whole month.

Book Funds

To remember you loved ones, recognize a teacher, student or to celebrate a great occasion, you could donate a book (money) to the school library. The librarian will then purchase the book after giving your donations.

VIP or Front Row Sits During a School Concert or Graduation

If you have diehard fans of theatre, you could design non-profit item where the highest bidder will be given a chance to sit in the front row. From this spot, they will be able to clearly view and hear quality and unobstructed presentation. Many students do not wish to sit at the back of the auditorium where they barely hear anything. A similar scenario will happen for graduating students where highest bidders will be given the front sits during graduation.

School Spirit Apparels Basket

This charity auction item has been designed for students who want to show their school spirit by wearing the latest school wears. Highest bidders will take a basket of this school wear, which will include hats, t-shirts, jackets, sweatpants and so on.

Other top k-12 charity auction items for fundraising you could consider include the following:

  • Pizza lunch treat to a class (students)
  • Ice cream treat
  • Outdoor lunch time picnic in good during a favorable weather
  • Organizing a student to be picked up by a limousine to school together with two or three of his friends
  • Choosing the locker you want by winning the highest bid for this item
  • Need based funding where sponsors will be given a chance to contribute directly to a certain project they are interested in promoting.
  • Discounts on family fun packs where the family of the highest bidder will attend a number of activities that include graduation, sporting, science fair and so on
  • A day when students will not wear uniform – highest bidder does not wear uniforms
  • Extra recess time to a student
  • Free photos from the photographer of the school
  • Library books fees waiver – students with fees due to staying with the library books for a long time will be given this item and thus they will not pay the fees accumulated.
  • Students is given a chance to make daily announcement for a whole week
  • Private coaching from the school coach

These are some of the top non-profit auctions items, which Biddingowl recommends from the k-12. There are many other items, which can be used depending on the special circumstances.