Recommended Items for Arts and Culture Auctions

The Best Items for
Non-profit Auctions in Arts and Culture

When fundraising for non-profits, it is important that you choose the items that will make your cause a success. This means that you find creative charity auction ideas that will interest the people you target to participate in the non-profit auction events. The following are some of the best items you could use for non-profit auctions in arts and culture.

1. Auction Slots for the Next Arts Event

If you are running an art-based organization and are looking forward to raise funds for the next event, try auctioning off a few slots in the event itself. These slots could be for role playing, chances to sing, dance, skits, plays and any other art-related thing that will interest people to join the cause. Ensure that you make this opportunity well highlighted on the auction homepage of top non-profit bidding sites like Biddingowl.

2. VIP or Front Row Seats

When you have an arts event, notify the community that there will be special seats at the front. Put these up for grabs in an auction. It is best if you come up with premium prices for them, but have people bid for them. This is one of the best auction items and can work well for charity auction events with exhibits, dances, artistic performances and so on.

3. Special Parking Spot

To raise funds for charity using your arts and culture events as the best auction items, you could afford a couple of families reserved parking spots for which they can use for an extended time. This can raise a good amount from the elderly, people with big families and children during the charity auction.

4. Auction a Party at a Beautiful Spot

Look for the beautiful spots in your organization and see if you can throw a party at those locations. Once you get permission from the property manager, go ahead and auction the chance to throw a party for a group of people at that spot. See if you have any prime locations such as a lakeside, a beautiful rooftop, a waterfall or any other interesting spot.

5. Auction a Dinner or Lunch with a Remarkable Person

When it comes to arts and culture, you could make a charity auction around the talented, respected and even liked members of your community. Talk to these people and ask if they could allow you to organize a nonprofit auction on a lunch, dinner or any special event with members of your community.

6. Auction Autographed Items

Is there an artist or an esteemed person in your community? If there is one, ask them to autograph some items that your community members may be interested in. you could either put them up on a charity auction at some non-profits auction sites such as Biddingowl for members to place bids. Autographed handicrafts, pictures, sculpture, portraits and books can make a good start on the list.

7. Private Talks with a Special Person

If there is a person that members of your community would like to meet or talk to in private, you could leverage on this relationship and organize a meeting or telephone call with this person. Charity auctions of this kind can be the top auction items proving to be very productive.

8. Fund-a-Need Charity Auctions

Organize charity auctions to fund specific needs your organization is addressing. This is one of the most popular auction items and is likely to attract donors from within and without your community. Put the auction on Biddingowl or a similar site, with a clear description of the cause so that donors are able to point out what need they are contributing to.