Insight on Non-profit Auctions

Insight on Non-Profit Online Auctions

What are Non-Profit Online Auctions

Non-profit online auctions refer to a technique through which fundraisers raise money for a certain charity event through the Internet. It is a powerful way of capitalizing on your strengths and minimizing on the inefficiencies of other types of auctions.

Benefits of Non-Profit Online Auction

The non-profit online auction comes with many benefits that include the following:

  • Low-cost – perhaps one of the main advantages of an online auction is the low cost you will incur in organizing it. You might not event require a venue. All you need is a good and secure online management platform, such as
  • An increased number of bidders – Your reach broadens. With an online auction, you have access to thousands of like-minded supporters from all over the world.
  • Increased number of donors – Donors can donate monetarily with a click of a button. This means increased donor dollars for your non-profit.
  • Easy to organize
  • Low volunteer burn out - Requires very few staffers to help in the process of organizing the auction
  • Easy to create awareness across the world, i.e., offers a cheap way of creating cause awareness.

Beneficiaries of Non-Profit Online Auctions

Non-profit online auctions are a win-win for all. The benefits are plentiful:

  • The non-profit organization will be able to easily raise money to support their cause and create awareness.
  • Bidders have access to hundreds of charities and thousands of consumer items and services. Their purchases help hundreds of non-profits raise money for a good cause.
  • Donor businesses benefit from increased exposure through online advertisement. Their donor dollars yield a higher return through use of integrated social media, hyper-linking and print materials.

How to Run a Non-Profit Online Auction

Non-profit online charity auctions are fun and easy. They are easily incorporated into the already existing non-profit fundraising structures at meager costs. Here are the basic requirements to run the auction.

1. An Online Bidding Platform

The first thing you need to conduct a non-profit online auction successfully is a bidding platform. provides you with a state-of-the-art bidding platform as well as an auction management suite.

2. Get Items

The online platform will make it easy for volunteers to solicit items and donation. Donors may submit their contributions online. Volunteers can log in at any time from anywhere and update their progress. The increased online donor exposure will make it easy to convince businesses to give to your cause.

3. Create Awareness

BiddingOwl's integrated social media tools as well as the possibility to hyperlink make it easy to spread the word. Targeted email blasts will keep your supporters informed at any time. Our fun and easy tools help you create excitement. Also, newsletters, press releases, ads, word of mouth; email campaigns, and viral video campaigns help inform the donor community.

4. Managing the Success of Your Auction

Compared to live auctions, non-profit online auctions, on the other hand, will help you monitor your success. BiddingOwl's dashboard keeps track of your items, bids, donors, and solicitors. The performance of your auction is at our fingertips at all times. The system makes it easy to retain solicitors and donors for your next event.